About Us

We Junapurana Are Like The Paradise In Terms Of Selling Refurbished Laptops/ Desktops.

Yes,We Do Sell The Refurbished Products But One Thing Is For Sure That One Can Not Easily Differentiate Between Our’s Sold Systems And The New Systems In Terms Of Working.

We Care About The Customer Needs And Requirements As Everyone Is A Customer Is Their Own Way.

Currently We Are Just Focussing On The Electronic Items But In Future Our Aim Is To Sell As Many Refurbished Items Of Different Different Categories.


Refurbish, In Everyday Language, Is "To Renew Or To Restore To A New Condition And/Or Appearance". In The Computer World, Refurbished Equipment Is Not Necessarily Defective In Any Way; It May Just Be "Old" (A Relative Term In The World Of Computers). When Hardware Is Refurbished, The Components Are Examined And Non-Working Parts Are Replaced.

The Main Difference Between "Refurbished" And "Used" Products Is That Refurbished Products Have Been Tested And Verified To Function Properly, And Are Thus Free Of Defects, While "Used" Products May Or May Not Be Defective. Refurbished Products May Be Unused Customer Returns That Are Essentially "New" Items, Or They May Be Defective Products That Were Returned Under Warranty, And Resold By The Manufacturer After Repairing The Defects And Ensuring Proper Function.

Other Types Of Products That May Be Sold As "Refurbished" Include:

  • Items Used In Field Tests, Sales Displays Or Demonstrations
  • Items Returned For Reasons Other Than Defect, And Tested By The Manufacturer
  • Items Returned To The Manufacturer Because The Box Or Item Was Damaged In Shipping
  • Used Items That Have Been Donated To A Charity Or Non-Profit Organization
  • Leftover Equipment Sold By A Downsized Company To A 3rd Party Refurbisher

Various Types

Different Companies And Industries May Have Different Types Of "Refurbished" Products. Since The Electronics Industry Doesn't Have A Firm, Widely Accepted Definition Of "Refurbished", Its Exact Meaning May Vary From One Product To The Next, Or One Company To The Next. In Various Cases "Refurbished" May Be Synonymous With "Reconditioned", "Refreshed", "Repaired", "Recertified", Or "Like New". Note: The Term "Remanufacture", However, Is A Distinct Term Used For Products That Are Returned To The Identical-To-New Condition In Industrial Closed-Loop Processes, And Which Often Possess The Same Warranties And Guarantees As A New Product.